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My pretty nice NixOS/home-manager configuration


Various scripts for mpd


gdb and binutils, a collection of binary tools and a debugger


Let's hack! GNU's joy store. It's worth the journey!


Physically based rendering (PBR) with Rust


Toolchain for the Uxn stack machine.


Food distro coordinator for Free Meals Appalachia


A guide to modding and modernizing Morrowind with OpenMW!


Flash card tool (like Anki/Mnemosyne) for plan9


An alternative packaging for Common Lisp packages in Nix.


My NixOS configuration files.


A LISP dialect


Fast, simple, and hackable OSM map viewer for Linux. Designed with the Pinephone & mobile linux in mind; works both offline and online.


Archive of Massachusetts road race results


gemini site aka capsule

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Free software in the French public sector

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