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A gemini client


Genode Nix expressions


Static RSS/ATOM webring generator for Org-mode


Transform a GED text tree into a dendograph XML


A software development platform for hackers


A simple HTTP server for sharing pictures.


TUI RSS feed aggregator

~kevin8t8/mutt mirror


Tracking for how long you have worked using tmux


A rust implementation of an scfg parser.


Bootstrap post-collapse technology


Web service which renders SVG plots from Prometheus data


Jazz theory engine


A user-friendly IRC bouncer


1k is a simple paste bin and URL shortener

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Among Us, but it's a text adventure game

~vpzom/lotide #activitypub

A federated forum / link aggregator using ActivityPub

~cadence/tube #youtube #privacy #invidious

Private YouTube video viewer

~adnano/kiln #gemini #static

A simple static site generator for Gemini sites

~kennylevinsen/wlsunset #wayland

Day/night gamma adjustments for Wayland

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