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A modern VerlogA compiler focused on compact modelling


The Emacs Secretary


Toolchain for the Uxn stack machine.


system config, dotfiles etc


Source Mage spells collection


Fast RSS reader as light as a photon


Portable, immediate mode GUI in Go


alpine linux bspwm postinstall


Personal website and accompanying experiments


Scripts that install packages configs


VPN for Education & Research


All my solutions through the years of advent to code, stored here and mirrored to GItHub @TheCatster.


TPM-based encryption keys for ZFS datasets


static, markdown-powered blogging platform

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~etalab/ #free-software #floss #public-sector

Free software in the French public sector

~azzamsa/islam #salah #islam #hijri

An Islamic library for Rust

~emersion/soju #irc

A user-friendly IRC bouncer


An alternative frontend to


Open source development efforts for Blackmagic Atem video hardware

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