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My silly homepage and related services


A casa for your cycling ride recordings


Haskell bindings for go-libp2p.


a gemini browser in bash


A roguelike that takes place in the Old West. Written in Rust.


Euchre on the web for the socially distant family


Simple X Mobile - A Pinephone UI that is simple and suckless

~pierrenn/areyoucsw source code


The non-repetitive alternative to YAML, in Ruby


Source for my site,


Tree-based, user-respecting chat ecosystem


Native zig client for Cassandra (CQL only)


Interactive jq


Fletcher is a message bot that aims to resolve common moderation tasks in Discord, a popular chat platform. It is designed to be scalable, easy to run, and secure (e.g. will not interfere with other programs running on the same host and will not disclose user information inappropriately).

~kevin8t8/mutt mirror

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An interactive tool for constructing jq(1) commands.


A simple mobile interface for PinePhones created out of suckless primitives.


A simple and extensible webmail. Built by SourceHut's consulting team for Migadu.


A minimal and usable Gemini browser based on Tk.


A Digital Audio Workstation (of sorts) for Plan 9 systems.