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Project showcasing how emacs would fit into sourcehut


Peer-to-peer deliberation using the Hypercore protocol


A lightweight Gameboy emulator, written in C.


32-bit Forth OS mixed with C


cyberpunk traditional roguelike


all services hosted on


Seirdy's personal website and gemini capsule


GNU Compiler Collection


Guix channel that contains things useful for me


This is Dotfield, my worlds and systems, a nutrient-rich typo terraforming the hungry heads of a talking planet.


gdb and binutils, a collection of binary tools and a debugger


Source Mage spells collection


My personal website.


🏕️ A replicated and secure social network made from ed25519 hash chains


Test for public repo

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~sircmpwn/himitsu #secrets #passwords

A secret storage system for Unix systems.

~sircmpwn/hare #hare #compiler

A systems programming language


A web picture gallery

~emersion/chathistorysync #irc

A synchronization tool for IRC chat history

~emersion/hut #sourcehut #cli

A CLI tool for the APIs

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