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GNU Compiler Collection


my stylekit


My dot files based on Nix.


gdb and binutils, a collection of binary tools and a debugger


The GNU C Library (glibc)


Some libraries for game development in Zig


Bug tracker for Project Gemini


A Mattermost backend to Weechat


A LISP dialect


a binary annotation and examination package


Subsonic API client for Android built with Jetpack Compose.


meson implementation in C


A source-based Linux distribution focused on simplicity, extensibility, and flexibility


Dotfiles that make $HOME feel like home.

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~emersion/soju #irc

A user-friendly IRC bouncer


An alternative frontend to


Open source development efforts for Blackmagic Atem video hardware

~lattis/muon #meson #c #posix

An implementation of the meson build system in C with minimal dependencies

~bp/ #website

Watch hundreds of public domain horror movies

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