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cmpalgorithms static site generator


Fast computation of diffusion maps and geometric harmonics in Python


a clean, elegant, and pragmatic dialect of Forth


alip's various small chess utilities


Infrastructure management research project


GNU Compiler Collection


gdb and binutils, a collection of binary tools and a debugger


Yet Another Dotfiles Repository


Fletcher is a message bot that aims to resolve common moderation tasks in Discord, a popular chat platform. It is designed to be scalable, easy to run, and secure (e.g. will not interfere with other programs running on the same host and will not disclose user information inappropriately).


An app for communities of faith.


My personal dotfiles, along with some helper install scripts for Fedora and Arch Linux.


Source Mage spells collection


Projects/assignments from university (mostly private)


Personal site generated with hugo and org

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~amjoseph/ownerboot #baremetal #coreboot #nixpkgs

Self-contained firmware and bootloader images using nix and nixpkgs.

~geb/numen #voice-control #voice-input #dictation

Voice control for handsfree computing

~tsileo/ #activitypub #microblog

A self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog


A minimalist video sharing application

~craftyguy/superd #supervisor

A standalone systemd-compatible user service supervisor daemon

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