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Shiftlog and maintenance workflow handling webapp


Foolishly simple journaling for Emacs


Free streaming suite that runs on your computer


UPower-powered power alerter


GNU Emacs Org mode project


Incredibly easy, interpolated server-side scripting for Gemini.


all my kakoune plugins


a bunch of small plugins for kakoune.


GNU Compiler Collection


Unfancy Discord API Ruby-bindings


My nix configurations and packages.


C17 compiler implementation from scratch


Simple, cross-platform C++ rendering library


Laboratory for programming experiments, studies, and practices.


voxel video game

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A coreboot distribution providing free/open-source boot firmware on x86/ARM computers.

~mil/mobroute #gtfs #routing #public-transit

General-Purpose & Minimal FOSS Public Transportation Router


An open hardware portable music player.


A free software media publishing platform that anyone can run.

~amjoseph/ownerboot #baremetal #coreboot #nixpkgs

Self-contained firmware and bootloader images using nix and nixpkgs.

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