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Config dotfiles


Collection of configs


Project showcasing how emacs would fit into sourcehut


A tool for scientific thought


Libreboot's automated build system. Libreboot is a "coreboot distro" providing free/opensource boot firmware on x86/ARM computers. Boots Linux/BSD.


a very cool fork of Conduit


Analyse a large amount of locally stored email, find images that occur more than N times and remove them from everything. Should let you remove oft-used logos and whatnot from your emails, which saves space




Janet rendering playground with Vulkan


A little CMS for 11ty


Personal website and blog built with Zola.


GNU Compiler Collection


VHDL compiler and simulator


nprobe is a replacement for smokeping

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A coreboot distribution providing free/open-source boot firmware on x86/ARM computers.

~mil/mobroute #gtfs #routing #public-transit

General-Purpose & Minimal FOSS Public Transportation Router


An open hardware portable music player.


A free software media publishing platform that anyone can run.

~amjoseph/ownerboot #baremetal #coreboot #nixpkgs

Self-contained firmware and bootloader images using nix and nixpkgs.

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