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Dotfiles for a minimal Arch Linux environment.


GNU Compiler Collection


A free/libre party game, lightweight port to raylib engine.


A password entropy calculator.


Qnix Software Distribution


An opinionated wiki engine


My personal website


Project showcasing how emacs would fit into sourcehut


All my infrastructure are belong to git


Physically based rendering (PBR) with Rust


An Emacs package to launch, and manage, detached processes


JSON experiment on dynamic languages


system config, dotfiles etc


SAML SP written in PHP

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~sircmpwn/hare #hare #compiler

A systems programming language


A web picture gallery

~emersion/chathistorysync #irc

A synchronization tool for IRC chat history

~emersion/hut #sourcehut #cli

A CLI tool for the APIs

~wahn/rs-pbrt #rendering

Physically based rendering (PBR) with Rust

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