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a small functional language


My linux dotfiles


Nix/Chezmoi configurations for my various personal infrastructure and computers


A project to collect the apps and documentation for each Covid-19 Contact Tracing App


A horror survival text adventure


A simple static site generator for Gemini sites


Federated forum / link aggregator using ActivityPub


The Fennel programming language


My personal website.


Bootstrap post-collapse technology


Tree-based, user-respecting chat ecosystem


A modern, high-performance IRC server (ircd)


a clean, elegant, and pragmatic dialect of Forth


JavaScript-interoperable integer types for Rust

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~adnano/kiln #gemini #static

A simple static site generator for Gemini sites

~kennylevinsen/wlsunset #wayland

Day/night gamma adjustments for Wayland

~rabbits/orca-cookbook #livecoding

Orca is an esoteric programming language designed to quickly create procedural music sequencers.

~cedric/pyenigma #cryptography #enigma #simulator

An Enigma cypher machine simulator

~technomancy/fennel #lisp #lua #language

A lisp that compiles to Lua.

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