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Toolchain for the Uxn stack machine.


A lightweight terminal IRC client in C


The Fennel programming language


A collection of XMPP related libraries and tools for Go.


Hệ điều hành *BSD mà không có tên BSD


Stand-alone font editor for VDC chip (C128) and VDC-II core (RC2014).


system config, dotfiles etc


Tali is a hashmap-y Lisp!


Code and documents developed for my Master's thesis


small and/or fun projects that are usually self-contained


Personal (but shared) projects, like dotfiles


This is a Java framework providing modeling, analytic and solving capabilities regarding optimization problems.


My system configuration

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~bp/ #website

Watch hundreds of public domain horror movies

~bp/ #website

When you need an ascii butt

~handlerug/mycorrhiza #wiki #go

Simple wiki software that serves content from the filesystem or git repos

~gardenapple/mitch #android #games #scrape

Unofficial Android client for

~taiite/protodump #abi #ci

Converts ELF objects to C headers based on DWARF info

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