Featured projects


An interactive tool for constructing jq(1) commands.


A simple mobile interface for PinePhones created out of suckless primitives.


A simple and extensible webmail. Built by SourceHut's consulting team for Migadu.


A minimal and usable Gemini browser based on Tk.


A Digital Audio Workstation (of sorts) for Plan 9 systems.


Immediate mode GUI programs in Go for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, and WebAssembly.


A fork of ripgrep which uses Intel's Hyperscan for extremely high performance regex matching.


A graphical browser for "small internet" protocols, including Gemini, Gopher, and Finger.


A small, straightforward, and reasonably complete C11 compiler backed by qbe.


A dashboard, launcher, and general-purpose cool thing display for Wayland-based desktops.


A minimal, simple, and strictly POSIX implementation of /bin/sh.


A modern and scalable IRC server, and a collection of IRC-related libraries for Rust programs.

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