#Gerry Agbobada

I'm a backend software engineer.

I mostly like Rust and Schemes, but I have good experience in C++ and Python as well, trying to embed the languages I like working with inside the ones I like hacking with.

Sometimes, I blog. It is quite rare though.

Most of my contributions to Emacs ecosystem are still on github though, like Doom or packages like consult-lsp and a converter from org to tree-sitter test.

I think my most fun projects are:

  • Xile: draft of a front-end for Xi editor, written in Guile Scheme
  • R7.rs: a Rust hosted R7RS scheme (WIP, and interpreter only for now)

I am also getting my feet wet with front-development with my fork of Rustpad which adds integration with Piston for shared remote code execution.


Collection of configurations and dotfiles


A rust hosted r7rs scheme interpreter (eternal WIP status to learn PL)


A fork of https://github.com/ekzhang/rustpad with remote code execution capabilities


Tooling to help plaintext accounting with beancount