• Ex-pianist
  • Ex-physician
  • Ex-computer-scientist
  • Ex-biomedical-engineer
  • Ex-AI/ML
  • Ex-brain-computer-interfaces

I obtained my PhD in biomedical engineering (medical image analysis) in 2017 at the University of Oxford.

Currently employed as a Research Fellow / Probationary Lecturer at the Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing / Department of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at the University of Essex.

Approach with cake :)


This document details a systematic approach to medicine, which I compiled back when I was a medical student, and continued updating as a junior doctor. It is one possible example to the question "Do you have a system?" which everyone seemed to always ask, but nobody ever seemed to offer a satisfying answer to.


A less pager with syntax highlighting


A template for creating self-contained, runnable python projects in the form of a tidy, structured, runnable python package


Simple chaining of operations (a.k.a. pipe operator) in octave


Check if 'Manually-Installed and Source-Compiled' (MISC) packages have new releases or updates announced on their respective webpages.


A template to create simple gantt charts in trac using the trac-compatible subset of plain html


A bash library to create and manage tickets and milestones directly in your terminal using structured plaintext files.


A tidy latex project template, which cleanly separates dependencies and various resources (figures, tables, equations, bibliography, etc). Also includes an example bash script for compilation of the project, which provides useful warnings, errors, cleanup, etc..


Simple chaining of operations (a.k.a. pipe operator) in python


A pomodoro logger and timer for the terminal