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JavaScript-interoperable integer types for Rust


A native Revel/Gonic/Subsonic/Airsonic/*sonic client for Linux. Built using Python and GTK+.


A blog about the SCTP protocol


A collection of Java projects


A simple reverse tcp and socks proxy


Personal NUR/Nix expression repository


Types and conversions for styled text


Private YouTube video viewer, like Invidious


my dotfiles as project to simplify access and discovery


Knowledge graph browser.


CBOR encoding and decoding in Crystal


Personal wiki forked from Oscean


3D Graphics Engine


Fletcher is a message bot that aims to resolve common moderation tasks in Discord, a popular chat platform. It is designed to be scalable, easy to run, and secure (e.g. will not interfere with other programs running on the same host and will not disclose user information inappropriately).


A simple launcher panel for Wayland desktops.

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~adnano/kiln #gemini #static

A simple static site generator for Gemini sites

~kennylevinsen/wlsunset #wayland

Day/night gamma adjustments for Wayland

~rabbits/orca-cookbook #livecoding

Orca is an esoteric programming language designed to quickly create procedural music sequencers.

~cedric/pyenigma #cryptography #enigma #simulator

An Enigma cypher machine simulator

~technomancy/fennel #lisp #lua #language

A lisp that compiles to Lua.

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