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f8900dd Add a log out feature.

12 minutes ago via AxolotlFeeds

8435df0 Add some spacer comments to our javascript to break the blocks apart visually. Now easier to find which section new functions should reside in.

2 hours ago via AxolotlFeeds

d205d28 Switch back to go-sqlite3 as the pure golang version can't build on OpenBSD.

5 hours ago via AxolotlFeeds

8430533 Start passing a user around in our database receiver. Our auth helper populates this so it's largely transparent. Update all our use of the generic _feeds/_posts database to point to a user's specific database.

20 hours ago via AxolotlFeeds

06ef525 Add sign up support to the HTML. Rearrange some things on the server to support chaining the request to automatically log us in if we sign up.

a day ago via AxolotlFeeds

9b8f84c Call backbone.history directly as navigate() won't 're-load' our page if it looks the same. Also go back to tossing errors so we can block page load properly when the login fails.

a day ago via AxolotlFeeds

80d6df2 Login now works. Move the login form above the body anchor to avoid a temporary bug with setting the document height for overscroll.

a day ago via AxolotlFeeds

9a8dd6a Catching an error doesn't silence the failed to load resource message console prints and these specific functions just fail silently. Move the print to the helper function.

2 days ago via AxolotlFeeds

03c3395 gofmt

2 days ago via AxolotlFeeds

62577fe Add a login box that defaults to hidden. Check our errors and rig up a function to show the login box if we don't get a reply from the server rather than barging onwards. Login box isn't hooked up to anything yet.

2 days ago via AxolotlFeeds

04629d5 Declare our charset to something sensible.

2 days ago via AxolotlFeeds

aa1561d Link to articles in the title.

2 days ago via AxolotlFeeds

9cf762c Swap to http router to chi and finish our authentication middleware. Httprouter can do this but the documentation around it is terrible. Just use chi and get back to solving real problems.

3 days ago via AxolotlFeeds

060633f Store a session to our database.

4 days ago via AxolotlFeeds

a1e52d7 Implement logins. Also move our api routes to /api/ so we can organize our namespace better.

4 days ago via AxolotlFeeds
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