magic ssh tunnels...ERMAHGERD!!

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a configurable ssh tunneler that I use for IRC

this is a small shell script that'll set up an IRC tunnel between hosts that you can configure using a file.

When you run mrgrctrnl, it'll automagically tunnel the hosts and let you sign into IRC on your own computer. Yay!


I like running weechat from my computer but have it connected to others. For example, I like to stay connected to tilde.town's IRC from my laptop. According to instructions from ~nick, you can just set up an SSH tunnel. But I have multiple servers! So I made this script.

Why the stupid name?

Config file

The config file is located at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mrgrctrnl/config. Each row is an ssh tunnel to run, with whitespace-separeted fields. A # begins a comment that goes to the end of the line.

# machine    user local           remote          key               rest
example.com  ted  localhost:6989  localhost:6667  /path/to/key.pub  [..]

machine, user, local, and remote are required. key and rest are optional.

rest is more command-line options, if there's anything else you'd like to include in the command.


mrgrctrnl: make magic ssh tunnels
usage:  mrgrctrnl [-h] [-k]
    mrgrctrnl [-n] [-c CONF | -s SSH]

    -h  show this help
    -k  kill all processes and exit
    -r  restart mrgrctrnl
    -n  do a dry run: just print what would happen
    -c CONFIG   use a different CONFIG file instead of
    -s CMDLINE  directly input an ssh CMDLINE --
            don't load the config file.


  • POSIX environment
  • ssh


# make install


# make uninstall