Personal multilingual site built on go http and html/templates pkgs

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#acsq.me: personal website of ángel castañeda

I wrote my personal site in golang to escape the comforts of static nginx and actually learn how a webserver works.

Original inspiration came from this blog post.


  • templating html files that are basically little jigsaw puzzles

  • real multilingual content/url localization for spanish and german

  • atom feed for rss readers

  • fancy http status error pages

  • md -> html for articles

  • blog organized w/ tagging system from my dblog repo

  • gzipping


  • [ ] generate site map

  • [ ] finish recommend page api

  • [ ] move away from pandoc+perl for md->html

more todos at acsq.me/todo. You can submit more suggestions on sr.ht or just emailing me at angel@acsq.me.


Code for this site is under the GPLv3. See LICENSE for more details.

This site uses my dblog repo as an interface between the sqlite database and my code. That package is licensed under the LGPLv3. See it's LICENSE file here.