Gets price updates for stock ticker symbols in your ledger-cli file

f3c9d9c v1.1.0

1 year, 1 month ago

bfab9c6 Finished porting application

2 years ago


This application locates any stocks you have in your ledger-cli file, then generates a price database of those stocks compatible with the application.


This package has been published to crates.io, and is installable with cargo.

	cargo install ledgerdb


    ledgerdb --file <LEDGER_FILE> --pricedb <PRICE_DATABASE> --api-token <API_TOKEN>

    -a, --api-token <API_TOKEN>       Takes your AlphaVantage API token, available for free at the
    -f, --file <LEDGER_FILE>          Takes the filepath of your ledger-cli file
    -h, --help                        Print help information
    -p, --pricedb <PRICE_DATABASE>    Takes the filepath of your ledger-cli price database (or the
                                      path to create it at)
    -V, --version                     Print version information