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Dotfiles, configs and scripts for the (Arch) Linux habitat


Plate motion requests in Julia using the UNAVCO Plate Motion Calculator


Reshape delimited text files


[work in progress]


Code for (at least) all TikZ diagrams used on my website


a8a5514 fix: Add kanshi profile to scale MSI monitor if single

a day ago via dotconf

118dc31 fix: Update unclutter.patch for dwl v0.2.2

a day ago via dotconf

40d4255 feat: Add login alias script

2 days ago via dotconf

c0776e4 feat: Change some python devtool aliases

5 days ago via dotconf

5de513c feat: Add more ripgrep aliases

8 days ago via dotconf

f5884d4 remove: Remove broken bpython config

8 days ago via dotconf

327aeed remove: Remove alternative jumplist bindings

10 days ago via dotconf

746fbef style: Fix generic git commit message template

11 days ago via dotconf

7b67df8 release: Version 3

11 days ago via PlateMotionRequests.jl

925d23d First commit, version 0.1.0

12 days ago via reshape

New git repository added

12 days ago via reshape

7459f52 feat: Add minimum font size rule for qutebrowser

14 days ago via dotconf

db86c90 feat: Add INim (Nim lang repl) alias

15 days ago via dotconf

19f1da7 docs: Add out-of-scope section to TODO list

20 days ago via PlateMotionRequests.jl

b6d5c75 feat: Add convenient mapping for :e! and plugin to restore cursor pos

22 days ago via dotconf
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