Efficient dynamic menu for Wayland

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wmenu is an efficient dynamic menu for Sway and wlroots based Wayland compositors. It provides a Wayland-native dmenu replacement which maintains the look and feel of dmenu.



  • cairo
  • pango
  • wayland
  • xkbcommon
  • scdoc (optional)
$ meson build
$ ninja -C build
# ninja -C build install


See wmenu(1)

To use wmenu with Sway, you can add the following to your configuration file:

set $menu dmenu_path | wmenu | xargs swaymsg exec --
bindsym $mod+d exec $menu


Send patches and questions to ~adnano/wmenu-devel.

Subscribe to release announcements on ~adnano/wmenu-announce.


This project started as a fork of dmenu-wl. However, most of the code was rewritten from scratch.