An hub for ~ajhalili2006's experimential projects and stuff.

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#Andrei Jiroh's Experiments

This namespace on GitHub/GitLab SaaS and sr.ht projet grouping is where ~ajhalili2006 usually store experimental, sometimes archived code and stuff in this namespace. No support is given for these experimental projects unless otherwise noted and contributions will most likely to be ignored.


Most of the code under this namespace are published on GitLab SaaS with mirrors across GitHub and SourceHut's hosted service.

Although projects in this namespace are separate from the usual Recap Time Squad's namespaces used in these services, the official git mirrors docs still apply here though a bit different: https://man.sr.ht/~recaptime-dev/mirrors.recaptime.dev/git-mirrors/crew-personal-projects/ajhalili2006.md

#Support and Bug Reports

Either through the issue tracker at https://gitlab.com/ajhalili2006/ajhalili2006/issues or in my public inbox mailing list at ~ajhalili2006/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht, but as noted above that since most projects in this namespace are experimental, no support is given.