Senior high school student at day, future web dev and open-source maintainer/SABDFL at ~recaptime-dev + casual open source contributor at night, Filipino Autistic, he/they. Might slow to reply due to school.

Current status: Currently in school as of 2023-08-29 + hauling over autistic burnout, may slow to reply

#Everything else


~ajhalili2006's devops tools


Meta project about ~ajhalili2006 himself on sourcehut, kinda like profile READMEs on GitHub + GitLab


Personal tools such as my dotfiles repo, webtop stuff and other tools I use on daily basis.


Available personal inboxes for Andrei Jiroh to recive from within sr.ht.


An awesome list for all things neurodiversity


43c8566 build(docker/alpine): add basic rootfs files for setup

a day ago via devops-tools

9376097 build(alpine/testing/hadolint): :construction_worker: add makedepends and usual build-related script updates

9 days ago via devops-tools

b9daaf2 docs(global): :memo: update README and add default LICENSE

11 days ago via devops-tools

f817c8c build(alpine/build): :construction_worker: add build scripts for ISO generation from upstream aports

11 days ago via devops-tools

5cff969 chore(global): initial commit with some configs

13 days ago via devops-tools

New git repository added

13 days ago via devops-tools

8637138 chore(vscode); update workspace settings

14 days ago via ajhalili2006

ec256f0 Update post-clone repo bootstrap script for git remotes stuff

15 days ago via personal-tools

00b15ab More module updates

a month ago via experimental-personal-projects

509b820 build(docker): update base image used for building workspace image

a month ago via ajhalili2006

709c0d8 Update shellrc files as well as global git config

a month ago via personal-tools

45390a8 Add website repo as submodule

a month ago via experimental-personal-projects

997816b Update personal docs

2 months ago via experimental-personal-projects

6e15b55 Make caddy-config-ops detect active Tailscale funnel + serve config

2 months ago via experimental-personal-projects

1de29a8 chore(markdown): update redirects

2 months ago via ajhalili2006
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