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My small corner of the internet.


A small static blog powered by my own personal markup parser, nihdoc.

Currently hosted with OpenBSD's httpd(8), but any web server should be able to serve it up.


A pure ascii dump of the content of the www site, served over Gopher by geomyidae(1) respectively!

Builds via make(1) at the same time as the HTML.

Also has gopher-exclusive content! Content stored in a different repo to encourage you to try gopher :)


I use a simple setup of git-daemon(8) for anonymous (read-only) downloads, ssh+git for read+write access (limited to myself) and stagit(1) to host static views into the diffs and files of each repo.

I like the stagit approach in that it is simple, modular, and emphasizes the use of regular git for larger operations (i.e. diff between refs, etc).

I use the default post-receive and create scripts that ship with the tool (with small modifications for the installation). The logo is in this repo as git/logo.png.

The content, being static, is served up with httpd(8) as well.