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932bcaf nvim: Add core plugins used between machines

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8801c4e csi: Add config for CHICKEN interpreter (csi)

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~akarle's dotfiles

Warning: Here be dragons.

That said...

These are MIT-licensed dragons, so hack away!

I'm in a transitionary period where I started fresh in 2022
with a clean-room reimplementation of my old dotfiles (to
relicense them as FOSS), so some areas are a bit in-flux.

That said, starting fresh has been a good excuse to make some
radical changes!

Some mildly-interesting reasons to look inside:

* I'm slowly integrating a plan9-style plumber with tmux(1)

* Configs are tested on OpenBSD and Linux. Most scripts are
  POSIX sh(1) though and should be portable.

* There's an emphasis on small, reusable, and keyboard-driven