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TODAY(1)		 General Commands Manual		TODAY(1)

     today - what did you do today?

     today [-ehi] [-l [NUM]]

     today is a tool for quickly documenting a day's work at the end of
     the day.  today has primitive recall capabilities; it's easy to
     access yesterday's notes but more complex analysis is left to other
     tools like grep(1) and awk(1).  Similarly, establishing any sort of
     tagging system is left as an exercise for the reader.

     today uses ed(1) for edits.  This may add a bit of a learning
     curve, but the lack of a view of the file provides a distraction
     free, append-only mindset for recording whatever is top of mind.

     The options are as follows:

     -e	     Open the log file in your $EDITOR

     -h	     Display the help message and exit

     -i	     Initialize the today repository.

     -l [NUM]
	     List the last NUM days-worth of entries, or all if NUM not

     $TODAY_DIR	     Override the default repo location, $HOME/.today.

     $EDITOR	     Preferred editor for -e flag.

     $TODAY_DIR	     Git repository

     $TODAY_DIR/log  Log file.	Entries are separated by [YYYY-MM-DD]

     One time setup:

	   $ today -i

     Jot down what you did today:

	   $ today
	   ed> a
	   * Learned some mdoc(7)
	   * Rewrote today(1)
	   ed> wq

     View yesterday's tasks:

	   $ today -l 1
	   * wrote some code
	   * went for a walk
	   brag: shipped xyz big feature!

     Search for all brag-document worthy items:

	   $ today -l | grep '^brag:'
	   brag: shipped xyz big feature!

     ed(1), git(1)

     Alex Karle <alex@alexkarle.com>

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