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Note: this document is unfinished and not indicative of the final organisation.

LibreMedia is a project started by Amolith, the founder of NixNet, and the admin of Lelux.fi.

#Table of Contents


PeerTube is a fantastic piece of software. However, many of the instances lack adequate moderation and have accrued a lot of videos imported from YouTube at terrible quality, copious amounts of porn, and a lot of other sub-par content. For PeerTube to be a viable alternative to the YouTube behemoth, there needs to be significant improvements so creators don't have to worry about being associated with poor content and users have to wade through the same.




Note: These policies are subject to change as PeerTube itself changes and features are modified/improved.


  • Content must be original
    • No importing from YouTube unless it's from a YouTube account the PeerTube user owns
  • NSFW content should be marked as such
    • Porn is disallowed
  • TODO
  • Maliciously offensive content will be removed


At the moment, PeerTube is lacking a good moderation toolset. However, work is actively being done to change that; see the roadmap.

  • Content against the upload policy will be removed
  • Removed videos and reasoning will be listed in the moderation log (TODO)
  • TODO


At the moment, federation between PeerTube instances is done manually. If LibreMedia doesn't already follow yours and the following criteria are met, feel free to contact us and we'll add it to the list!

  • Content must not be against the upload policy
  • Moderators and administrators must be active
  • There must be a monitored contact address plainly listed somewhere


  • Any information provided at registration (username, email address, etc.) is stored and retained until your account is deleted
  • On account deletion, all data will be deleted, including videos, channels, and comments. Content cached on other servers might take longer to be removed.
  • IP addresses are stored in server logs up to a week but are not associated with accounts.


As with the rest of the services we run, LibreMedia will be completely free for users; we will pay all the hosting costs out of pocket. However, there will be an option to donate and support our work. The servers we have are rather expensive and maintenance/content moderation will be time-consuming.

At the end of each month, 30% of collected donations will be sent to upstream PeerTube. After that deduction, any excess will be saved as a buffer for hardware failure, potential upgrades, or programs similar to the PeerTube content bootstrap fund that SourceHut started mid-2020. Financial reports will be made publicly available as PGP-signed text files at /finance (TODO).


We have tossed around the idea of hosting Funkwhale for freely-licensed audio. PeerTube and Funkwhale would be complementary in that individuals on one platform are able to use content from the other in their work. This would be a stretch goal because the domain(s) that keep with our naming scheme are currently more expensive than we can pay and would need to be funded through donations.