Gemtext (text/gemini) parser and HTML encoder for PHP

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Gemtext (text/gemini) parser and HTML encoder

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This package implements a PHP parser for Gemtext (text/gemini) as specified here: https://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/gemtext.gmi


All the low level classes are built around Generator, which makes plugging in middleware easy while keeping memory usage low.

Unfortunately, Generators can be a bit of work to actually use. As such, a utility class, SimpleTransformer is available which abstracts this away if you just want a Gemtext to HTML conversion quickly and easily.

Here's how to convert Gemtext to HTML with the low level (Generator) API:


$parser  = new Ancarda\Gemini\Gemtext\Parser;
$encoder = new Ancarda\Gemini\Gemtext\Encoder\HTML;

$nodes = $parser->parse(explode("\n", $gemtext));

$html = implode("\n", iterator_to_array($encoder->encode($nodes)));

And here's the higher level utility class, which abstracts this away:


$transformer = new \Ancarda\Gemini\Gemtext\Util\SimpleTransformer;

echo $transformer->transform($gemText);


You can create lightweight middleware by creating a function that accepts and returns Generator<Node>. This function would be inserted between encode and parse, like so:

$encoder->encode($middleware($parser->parse(explode("\n", $gemtext))));

Here, middleware's __invoke method accepts and returns Generator<Node>. Middleware could make modifications, inject new nodes, drop some nodes, and so on. For instance:


$reverse_paragraphs = new class {
    public function __invoke(Generator $nodes): Generator
        foreach ($nodes as $node) {
            if ($node instanceof Paragraph) {
                yield new Paragraph(strrev($node->getText()));
            } else {
                yield $node;