VCS and Software Forge structure autodiscovery through HTML meta tags
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#VCS Autodiscovery

VCS structure auto-discovery through meta tags

#What and Why

This project holds the RFC for VCS Autodiscovery; meta tags that help software understand different software forges. Given a URL, such as:


Software can scrape <meta> tags in the <head> tag to learn how to clone or navigate this project. These tags look like:

<meta name="vcs" content="git">

<meta name="vcs:clone"


Read the latest standard in RFC.md

Discuss the RFC here: https://lists.sr.ht/~ancarda/vcs-autodiscovery

#Known Implementations

Known implementations are in IMPLEMENTATIONS.md. If you write software that produces or consumes VCS Autodiscovery meta tags, please send a patch to add yourself to IMPLEMENTATIONS.md

You may want to subscribe to the mailing list, where changes to the RFC will be discussed.