My archlinux dotfiles and scripts.

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#My Dotfiles

#Table of Contents



#Main Software

Type Program
Display Manager greetd
Window Manager dwm
Terminal Emulator st
Editor vis
Browser chromium
App Launcher dmenu
Hotkey Daemon sxhkd
Network Manager networkmanager
Notifications twmn
Usb Auto-Mounting udiskie

#The install script


  • bash
  • git
  • stow


Download the required dependencies:

sudo pacman -Syu git stow

Clone this repository into the home directory:

git clone https://github.com/andreafeletto/dotfiles.git

Move into the repository and run the install script:

cd dotfiles
./install --all

#Major Scripts


Dependencies: op, dmenu, jq, xclip

Wrapper for the 1Password cli tool op written in POSIX-compliant shell script. Requires dmenu with the password patch applied.


Dependencies: xsetroot, pulseaudio

Statusbar daemon for dwm written in POSIX-compliant shell script. The bar updates automatically every 10 seconds and can be manually refreshed with a USR1 signal.