A zig library for scfg
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A zig library for scfg.


First clone this repository as a submodule.

git submodule add https://git.sr.ht/~andreafeletto/zig-scfg deps/zig-scfg

Than add the following to build.zig.

pub fn build(b: *std.build.Builder) void {
    // ...
    const scfg: Pkg = .{
        .name = "scfg",
        .path = .{ .path = "deps/zig-scfg/scfg.zig" },
    // ...

The library can now be imported into your zig project.

const scfg = @import("scfg");


The function parse takes an allocator and a null-terminated string and generates a tree. The tree is owned by the caller, who is responsible for calling deinit. The tree contains references to the source string, so the latter should not be deallocated before the tree.

const source =
    \\model A2 {
    \\  speed 250
    \\  shape {
    \\    length 50
    \\    width 100
    \\  }
    \\model C5 {
    \\  speed 350
    \\  shape {
    \\    length 10
    \\    width 260
    \\  }

var tree = try scfg.parse(allocator, source);
defer tree.deinit(allocator);

The function getAll returns a slice (owned by the caller) of the top-level directives filtered by their name.

const models = try ast.getAll(allocator, "model");
defer allocator.free(models);

The function find returns the first top-level directive with matching name and parameters. The parameters are compared in order and the lengths must be equal. If no match is found, null is returned.

const model_c5 = ast.find("model", &.{"C5"}) orelse {
    std.log.err("not found", .{});

Every function can also be called on a directive. The function get returns the first top-level directive with matching name. If no match is found, null is returned.

const model_c5_speed = model_c5.get("speed") orelse {
    std.log.err("not found", .{});

The parameters of a directive can be accessed through the params field.

const speed_value = model_c5_speed.params[0];


The code in this repository is released under the MIT license.