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#Simple Logging

  • version number: 0.0.4
  • date: 2023.03.08
  • author: Andrew J. Todd esq.


A python module to allow you to log with minimal fuss. It's a wrapper around the standard logging module with sensible defaults and as little configuration as possible. Documentation is on halfcooked.com


To install use pip:

$ pip install simple_log

Or clone the repo::

$ hg clone https://hg.sr.ht/~andy47/simple_log
$ python setup.py install


We try and stay true to the name and make using this module as simple as possible. For the simplest case just use

>>> from simple_log import get_log
>>> my_log = get_log()
>>> my_log.info("This is an information message")
2016.11.10 22:21:51 default INFO:: This is an information message

If you want to have multiple logs just pass a name to get_log

>>> first_log = get_log("first")
>>> first_log.info("Information message to first log")
2016.11.10 22:27:30 first INFO:: Information message to first log
>>> second_log = get_log("two")
>>> second_log.debug("This is a debug message")
2016.11.10 22:28:02 two DEBUG:: This is a debug message

By default the logging level is set to 'INFO' (the standard module defaults to 'WARNING'). See the logging tutorial for information on logging levels. If you would like to change the logging level, for instance to display 'DEBUG' messages use the setLevel method on your log object

>>> from simple_log import get_log
>>> my_log = get_log('test_log')
>>> my_log.debug('This is the first debug message')
>>> my_log.setLevel('DEBUG')
>>> my_log.debug('This is the second debug message')
2016.11.10 22:34:55 test_log DEBUG:: This is the second debug message

The log level values that you can pass to setLevel are 'DEBUG', 'INFO' (the default), 'WARNING', 'ERROR' or 'CRITICAL'.

If you would like your log messages written to a file as well as the screen use the add_file function

>>> from simple_log import get_log, add_file
>>> my_log = get_log('test_log')
>>> my_log.info('This is an information message')
2016.11.12 22:48:10 test_log INFO:: This is an information message
>>> add_file('test_log', 'test_log.log')
>>> my_log.info('This is another information message')
2016.11.12 22:49:30 test_log INFO:: This is another information message
>>> cat test_log.log
2016.11.12 22:49:30 test_log INFO:: This is another information message


If you would like to contribute please visit the project web site at - https://hg.sr.ht/~andy47/simple_log