repository of custom userscripts for sxmo
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SXMO user scripts

Here are some of the user scripts I have written for sxmo. Hopefully it provides you with inspiration about what a suckless mobile environment can do.

For example, the workout script only took 1 hour to write and it does everything I want.


Read the comments in the script you want to use. Copy the script to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxmo/userscripts.


Patches are welcome. Add to a summary of your script to the README.md file and create a new folder with your script. Please use git send-email and send a patch to my public inbox.

Summary of scripts


  • Author: Anjandev Momi anjan@momi.ca
  • License: MIT
  • Description: A mobile workout app for Jim Wendler's 531 big but boring written with unix coreutils and Sxmo's dmenu fork.



  • Author: Anjandev Momi anjan@momi.ca
  • License: MIT
  • Description: Set an alarm on the pinephone with cron