A wiki for the Hack Club tilde

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#The Hack Club Tilde wiki!

This is a gemtext-based wiki for the hack club tilde!


hcwiki - the hack club tilde wiki
    hcwiki s <query>        - Query is a search for a tag
    hcwiki edit <page>      - The page is the name of the file you want to edit, it can be new
    hcwiki build            - Rebuild the wiki, including search for tags
    hcwiki list             - Show all files in the wiki
    hcwiki read [<query>]   - Without a query, this will show the home page, with a query, it will show that page
    hcwiki help             - Display this message!

Every file must have frontmatter, in the yaml format. The only info included in these should be the tags:

tags: ["uwu", "owo", "much magic"]
# Actual content goes here

If you get some wierd errors while building, feel free to report them to me on the tilde by mailing me (arc) on the tilde, or by joining the #wiki channel on the IRC.