A site/digital garden for the ages

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#nebula - A digital garden for the ages

This is a from-scratch rewrite of my site currently at arcadewise.me.

#File layout

  • ./site/ : The site's source (not code, just content)
    • content/ : The content of the site
      • *.md : The posts and pages in the blog/site/garden
      • static/ : Where non-theme static things go (images, files, etc.)
    • theme/ : The theme and itss associated files
      • index.html.j2 : The Jinja2 template used for all pages
      • static/ : The theme-specific static content (js, css, etc.)
        • stylesheet.css : The theme for the entire site
        • default.min.css : The theme for highlight.js
        • highlight.min.js : A small custom highlight.js package for highlighting
    • out/ : When running helix, output is put here
  • ./software/ : All of the software used in nebula
    • carina/ : Tools for content creation
      • carina : A script to automate creation of files and publishing
    • cygnusloop/ : A comments system for my site
      • src/ : The cygnus loop source
        • web/ : Content that will be published
          • templates/ : Jinja templates for cygnus loop
          • static/ : Cygnus loop static content
        • __init__.py : Pulls everything together
        • comments.py : Holds the comments access functions
        • db.py : Handles interaction with the SQLite database
        • new.py : Content creation and submission routes
        • view.py : View route
      • pypoetry.toml : Config for poetry (hah suck it pip)
    • helix/ : The static site that is in the center of this whole endeavour
      • src/ : Source code for helix
      • lib/ : The code for the dependencies of helix
    • starport/ : The build workflow for nebula
      • vangaurd/ : An automatic builder, sort of like a Makefile, but different
        • src/ : Vangaurd's source code
      • git/ : The git tools used to smooth out production
        • hooks/ : Git hooks used on the server and on my laptops for CI/CD
  • ./design/ : The design documents for this project
    • art/ : A place for art specifically
    • *.md : The various deign docs used in the creation of nebula
  • ./bin/ : A place to put up to date binaries of software
  • ./www/ : What gets servered

#Files in root

  • Makefile : run make to build all components from source
  • Caddyfile : Caddy configuration, to be moved to starship
  • todo.md : An Up-To-Date-ish todo list.

Keep in mind, 95% of these locations have a README, so READTHEM.


The philosphy and insipiration are in design/ideas and there are some krita scribbles in the design folder as well. design/technical follows the technical side of the project, with the software (I will be writing my own static site generator!) and webdev stuff going there, and design/art will follow the artistic side of site design. If I ever get this running on hardware I own I'll make a page for that aswell.


The raw code for this site sits under an Unlicense, and the content (anything other than raw source code, so art, text, music, etc.) is under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.