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#c2f - Celsius/Fahrenheit converter

c2f converts temperature units between Celsius and Fahrenheit. c2f was born from the utter shock of discovering that units(1) is terrible at this.

Be aware this is a project in an early development stage.

#Basic usage

c2f reads a temperature from standard input, either interactively or from a pipe, and outputs the converted value to standard output.

$ c2f
ºC: 23
$ c2f -f
ºF: 212
$ echo 21 | c2f

You may check the c2f(1) manpage for further usage information.


c2f requires:

  1. A POSIX-like system
  2. A C99 compiler
  3. sline

Build by using:

$ make

Customize the build process by changing config.mk to suit your needs.

c2f is configured by setting variables in config.h, using config.def.h as a template.


You may install c2f by running the following command as root:

# make install

This will install the binary under $PREFIX/bin, as defined by your environment, or /usr/local/bin by default. The Makefile supports the $DESTDIR variable as well.


All contributions are welcome! If you wish to send in patches, ideas, or report a bug, you may do so by sending an email to the c2f-devel mailing list.

If interested in getting some news from the project, you may also want to subscribe to the low-volume c2f-announce mailing list!


c2f is published under an MIT/X11/Expat-type License. See LICENSE file for copyright and license details.