A timer in your terminal

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#minitimer - A timer in your terminal

minitimer is a very simple timer that lives in the terminal of your system. It also provides a named pipe which you can pass commands to to control a running instance of minitimer.


minitimer doesn't require any external dependencies.

Build by using:

$ make

If you'd like to customize the building process, set your desired variables in config.mk.

minitimer is configured by setting variables in config.h, using config.def.h as a template.


You may install minitimer by running the following command as root:

# make install

This will install the binary under $PREFIX/bin, as defined by your environment, or /usr/local/bin by default. The Makefile supports the $DESTDIR variable as well.


minitimer requires you to put how much time you want set the timer to in HH:MM:SS format. For example, for 10 minutes 34 seconds:

$ minitimer 00:10:34

minitimer also provides a stopwatch mode (i.e. counting time up). You may pass an initial time code from which to start counting up or leave blank to start from 00:00:00.

$ minitimer -s # minitimer will start counting from 00:00:00 up

For further information on the usage of minitimer, please refer to the manual page minitimer(1).


minitimer is published under an MIT/X11/Expat-type License. See LICENSE file for copyright and license details.