A custom Iosevka build modeled after the lovely Input Mono font: wide (extended) characters, legible glyphs, and tightened line spacing

a807d86 Fix renamed f and q variants

10 months ago

a807d86 Fix renamed f and q variants

10 months ago

#Iosevka Output

A custom build of the Iosevka font modeled after the lovely Input Mono font.


I have loved using Input Mono: it's such a nice font. However, it doesn't have the biggest character set. Moreover, its license isn't open. I respect that, and if I had a bunch of money, I would absolutely love to buy a license. But until I strike it rich, I can't use Input on my blog.

So, here's a stab at making Iosevka look as much like Input as I can. I recommend using the "extended" font, but some people like really narrow programming fonts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To use this in Emacs, you can set the following on your default face:

(:weight normal :height 130 :width expanded :family "Iosevka Output")

(I recommend using font size 13; it matches almost perfectly with Input size 12.)

Some tweaks I've made to Iosevka:

  • The line height is a little smaller to better match Input's default 1.2x line spacing option. It's a little taller to accommodate Iosevka's taller glyphs, but it's not too far off.
  • Parenthesis height has been shortened to match Input better.
  • Some number styles look better than what Input provides, IMO.

#Font families

There are three font families included here:

  • Iosevka Output

    A fixed-width font with good, legible character styles.

  • Iosevka Output Reader

    Another fixed-width font, but characters like the em-dash (—) or arrows (→) are longer. This makes for a more pleasant reading experience. (I use this in Emacs Org-mode, as well as when editing Markdown.)

  • Iosevka Prose

    A quasi-proportional font with a few tweaks to make Iosevka a little nicer for reading/writing prose. Characters like "m" are longer and "i" are narrower.


Taken on a computer running macOS, Emacs 29 development build, ligatures disabled.

Iosevka Output font sample

#License and usage

No warranty. Do what you want with this. I'm no typographer, so don't take any of my advice as authoritative.