A darker, higher-contrast spin on the lovely Nord theme for Emacs

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#Nordic Night Theme


A darker, higher-contrast spin on the lovely Nord color palette and its corresponding theme for Emacs.

There's a place holder repo on GitHub if you like starring things.


I really like the Nord color palette—I think the colors gel together really well. However, I never liked how low-contrast the background and body text were.

This is my personal twist on the Nord theme for Emacs: this has a darker background and uses a wider range of the color pallet in general code. Generally this makes Emacs a little more colorful and higher-contrast with the background without being too in-your-face about it. It's supposed to feel gentle and easy to read. Some of the major modifications include:

  • Background is much darker at #121212.
  • Many of the font-lock-*-face variables have been customized to use colors other than shades of blue.
  • No light-theme support.

I'll add some screenshots as I go along. Please feel free to send any suggestions you may have, though bear in mind this is a hobby project.


Nordic Night is now on Melpa, so provided you've added MELPA to your package-archives variable, you should be able to run package-update and package-install to get it.

If you're using the excellent use-package macro (built-in with the upcoming Emacs 29 release!) then you can install it like so:

(use-package nordic-night-theme
  :ensure t
  (load-theme 'nordic-night t))

Alternatively, you can just clone this repository and add the following to your init.el:

(load-file "path/to/nordic-night/nordic-night-theme.el")
(load-theme 'nordic-night t)

#Installing from source with Straight and Elpaca

If you use straight.el and use-package, you can activate Nordic Night like so in your config:

(use-package nordic-night-theme
    :straight (:type git :repo "https://git.sr.ht/~ashton314/nordic-night" :branch "main")
    :init (load-theme 'nordic-night t))

The :straight keyword and explicit recipe are now unnecessary if you're using MELPA, but this still works if you want to pull the source directly.

If you use Elpaca, you can install Nordic Night like so:

(use-package nordic-night-theme
  :elpaca (nordic-night :host sourcehut :repo "ashton314/nordic-night")
  (load-theme 'nordic-night t))

The same goes for the :elpaca keyword as it does for the :straight keyword from above—you shouldn't really need it if you use MELPA.


All screenshots were taken on a computer running macOS using my Iosevka Output Extended font.

Editing some Emacs Lisp. (Code from Emacs Bedrock)

Screenshot of editing Emacs Lisp

Markdown file.

Screenshot of editing Markdown

Using Avy.

Screenshot of Avy selection active

Detail: dired.

Screenshot of using dired

Detail: active and inactive mode-lines.

Screenshot of mode-lines, both active and inactive

Detail: tab-bar (active tab on left, inactive on right).

Screenshot of the tab-bar

Detail: using the excellent Vertico completing-read interface with Marginalia.

Screenshot of using the excellent Vertico package with Marginalia enabled.

Detail: completion-at-point popup with Corfu.

Screenshot of Corfu usage.

Detail: Magit status buffer.

Screenshot of the Magit status buffer

Detail: Org-agenda.

Screenshot of org-agenda

#Bugs and Contact

Submit bugs to the issue tracker on SourceHut.

I may occasionally write to my general mailing list.


MIT. I modified the Nord theme to make this, which too was licensed under the MIT. Knock your socks off.