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bilal is a CLI salah time that has configuration feature, small, fast, and just one single binary. demo


  • Show all salah time in current day
  • Show current salah time and its remaining time
  • Show next salah time
  • Show result in JSON format
  • Cross-platform


Create a file named config.toml in ~/.config/bilal/ (*nix) or %APPDATA\Azzamsa\Bilal (Windows). Then add your configuration:

latitude = 41.0096334
longitude = 28.9651646
madhab = "Shafi"
method = "Singapore"

To learn more about the config, see the config documentation.


#With cargo (from source)

$ git clone https://git.sr.ht/~azzamsa/bilal.rs
$ cd bilal.rs
$ cargo build --release
$ cp target/release/bilal /usr/local/bin/

#From binaries

Download the binary from the Release

Available binaries:

  • *Nix
  • Window PC

#Usage with other tools

You can use Bilal in your favourite status bar.



i3status-rs configuration example:

block = "custom"
cycle = ["bilal -c -j", "bilal -n -j"]
on_click = "<command>"
interval = 300
json = true

Py3status configuration example:

group echos {
    button_next = 1

    external_script {
        format = "{output}"
        script_path = "bilal -c"
    external_script {
        format = "{output}"
        script_path = "bilal -n"



For reporting issues, visit the tracker here: https://todo.sr.ht/~azzamsa/Bilal

Please send patches to ~azzamsa/bilal-devel@lists.sr.ht

#Unsure how to contribute?

#Origin of the name

The name Bilal was chosen in reference to the Bilal bin Rabah. The first mu'azzin, chosen by Muhammad PBUH himself.


Copyright (c) 2020 Azzamsa

Bilal is distributed under the terms of GPL V3 License.