An Islamic library for Rust

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islam is an Islamic library for Rust. It is a direct port of PyIslam with a slight change in the API part.


I have always got panic! working with salah. Previously, I have good experience with PyIslam. In my case, it is very precise and has a simple algorithm. Nowadays, I work a lot with Rust. So here it is, islam is born!


  • Hijri date
  • Prayer times


#Getting Prayer Times

// GMT+7
let timezone = 7;
// https://www.mapcoordinates.net/en
let jakarta_city = Location::new(-6.18233995_f32, 106.84287154_f32, timezone);
let date = Local.ymd(2021, 4, 9);
let config = Config::new().with(Method::Singapore, Madhab::Shafi);
let prayer_times = Prayer::new(jakarta_city)

First, you need to specify Location with latitude, longitude, timezone as parameters. Then choose a calculation method such Singapore. Other methods available in the docs. There are also madhab configurations that you can choose from.

#Getting Hijri Date

let from_gregorian = HijriDate::from_gregorian(Local.ymd(2021, 4, 9), 0);
        "From gregorian: {}-{}-{}",
        from_gregorian.year, from_gregorian.month, from_gregorian.day,

from_gregorian accepts Date and correction value as parameters.

#More Examples

To learn more, see other examples.


The calculation part of this library is a direct port of PyIslam with a slight change in the API part. The API took inspiration from salah