A minimal hugo theme for the indieweb

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This theme is heavily based on smol, a minimalist hugo theme, thanks to their work!

MinIndie is a very minimal hugo theme with indieweb markups. A demo can be found on my blog at https://bacardi55.io


  • No JavaScript
  • No Google spyware or tracking of any kind
  • No other external dependencies, embedded fonts or comment sections
  • Dark mode support (depending on your OS's setting)
  • Indieweb markup


In your Hugo site themes directory, run:

git clone https://

Next, open config.toml in the base of the Hugo site and ensure the theme option is set to smol.

theme = "minindie"

Lastly, add the following lines to your config.toml to set site parameters and make use of all the menu entries in the header and footer sections if you need them.

title = "Site Name"
baseURL = "https://your.domain.tld"
copyright = "A copyright message"

# Parameters
  subtitle = "ἕν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα"
  dateFmt = "Monday, January 2, 2006"
  # tagPostOlderThanXDays = 555 # To display a message if the post is older than this number of days.
  # xslpath = "/rss.xsl" # If you want to theme your RSS feed. Optional.

  name = "your name" # required for h-card
  email = "your@email.tld"
  avatar = "/path/to/avatar.png"
  bio = "A bio description<br />Html is accepted."

  authorizationEndpoint = "https://indieauth.com/auth"
  tokenEndpoint = "https://tokens.indieauth.com/token"
  webmentionEndpoint = "https://webmention.io/your.domain.tld/webmention"
  relmepgp = "/path/to//public/key.asc"
      url = "https://"
      url = "https://"

# Menus:
## Header
        identifier = "posts"
        name = "Posts"
        url = "/posts/"
        weight = 1

        identifier = "categories"
        name = "Categories"
        url = "/categories/"
        weight = 2

        identifier = "tags"
        name = "Tags"
        url = "/tags/"
        weight = 3

## Footer
        name = "Github"
        url = "https://github.com/example"
        weight = 1

        name = "Mastodon"
        url = "https://example.com/@user"
        weight = 2

        name = "Imprint"
        url = "/imprint"
        weight = 3


This theme is released under the MIT license.