A simple tool for sending e-mails using Mailgun.

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Railgun is a very simple tool to send emails using Mailgun email sending service.


Railgun uses python3 and requires requests library to function properly. All other dependencies are present in Python 3's standard library.


Railgun can be installed anywhere in your system. By default, the configuration file is searched under ../conf/railgun.conf file, but this can be changed from the beginning of the code.


Railgun needs some configuration before becoming operational. Most of this configuration is related to Mailgun itself. An example configuration file is included in conf/ folder with railgun.conf.example name.

Copy the file as railgun.conf and fill the options. Options are self explanatory.


After setting up Railgun, usage is simple. Only required parameters are subject and body. Body can be multiline. Just pass as it is (Between quotations), and Mailgun will take care of the rest.

Railgun can be invoked directly as ./railgun SUBJECT BODY. Railgun will check whether its configuration is sane and will report any errors if something goes wrong, unless --quiet switch is set. In --quiet mode, Railgun reports nothing including critical errors. In that case, observing the return code of the Railgun will inform the caller whether the execution was successful or not. Railgun will return 0 if everything is alright, or will return 1 otherwise.

This project is a part of Very Alpha Technologies ecosystem.