A POSIX shell script for managing passwords

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3 years ago

GPGPASS - A script designed to automate encryption and decryption of GPG files, creation of new "password files", deletion, and password generator (optional).


Basically dmenu and basic unix utilities like awk, grep,...

#Password generator

If you plan using the -g option, you will need to clone and compile passgen for it to work. You also need gcc or another C compiler

curl -s https://git.sr.ht/~billy02357/passgen/blob/master/passgen.c > /tmp/passgen.c && sudo gcc /tmp/passgen.c -o /usr/bin/passgen && rm /tmp/passgen.c


curl -s https://git.sr.ht/~billy02357/gpgpass/blob/master/gpgpass > ~/.local/bin/gpgpass && chmod +x ~/.local/bin/gpgpass

make sure to add ~/.local/bin/ to your PATH variable

Password files (.gpg) are stored in ~/.config/passwds; the first time you run the script you'll have to run gpgpass -n to create a new password


  • PKGBUILD for aur