Suite of DNS tools written in Hare
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David Arnold via public-inbox

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#Paw DNS

Paw DNS (some pun intended) is an attempt to write a collection of DNS tools in Hare.

  • A DNS client (like dig/nslookup/etc) (see cmd/dnsc)
  • An authoritative DNS server (see cmd/dnsd)
  • A DNS resolver (see cmd/resolved)


Currently mainly intended as a means to test and improve Hare's standard library DNS implementation and - for the daemons - hare-ev.

The client (dnsc) is actually usable. The daemons not at all.

NOTE: Might at times use features that are not yet available in Hare or the Hare package you are using!

#dnsc usage

./dnsc: simple DNS client

Usage: ./dnsc [-hr46S] [-s <server>] [-t <type>] name

-h: print this help text
-s <server>: server to query (can be used multiple times)
-r: do not request recursion
-t <type>: record type to request
-4: use IPv4 only
-6: use IPv6 only
-S: signal DNSSEC support

If -s is not used, the system's default resolver(s) will be queried. Record type is the usual A, AAAA, TXT, etc. The -S switch will cause DNSSEC signatures to be returned (if present), but does not verify them.


Feel free to send patches, comments, questions, or other feedback to my public inbox.