Securely install local files to remote hosts
28 days ago

David Arnold via public-inbox

a month ago


It's to install what scp is to cp!

The sinstall program installs local files on remote hosts. It was created to stop my constant code golfing when trying to do this in scripts or Makefiles (and then wondering 6 months later what on earth I was doing).

The install tool is an extremely handy way to install files locally:

sudo install -m 600 -o postgres -g postgres \
  ./postgresql_tuned.conf /var/lib/postgres/data/postgresql.conf

Pretty concise, eh? Now try the same thing, but to a remote host over SSH!

With sinstall, it can be just as simple:

sinstall --sudo -m 600 -o postgres -g postgres \
  ./postgresql_tuned.conf me@mydbhost:/var/lib/postgres/data/postgresql.conf


For a more serious (and detailed) description, see the online man page.


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