The Very Opinionated Mail Interaction Toolkit
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#Vomit - the Very Opinionated Mail Interaction Toolkit

Vomit strives to provide a suite of tools for efficiently working with email. Currently, this means tools for the command line, but graphical tools are not out of scope. Vomit aims at use cases beyond reading and writing. In fact, Vomit currently doesn't provide anything to read or write mail, though that may change at some point.


#Maildir ++

Vomit wants mail stored in Maildir++ format. Enough said.

And yes, that means you can use some of the tools right on your mailserver, if that's your type of thing.


Vomit likes interoperability. It aims to supply various small tools (some merged in one executable) to work with your mail, but if you prefer to use other tools, that's cool. Want to use mbsync instead of vsync? Cool. Want to use vomit tools with your existing Astroid setup? Easy. Except maybe the setting up Astroid part, but hey...


Email is versatile, and so should be the tools for using it. Vomit is currently exploring use cases beyond reading and writing mail, but it has opinions on that, too. In true UNIX spirit, vomit aspires to supply simple building blocks for working with email, so that you can combine them to suite your favorite workflow.


Some tools may feel familiar, others not so much. Currently, there are:


Currently "the" Vomit tool, a sort of swiss army knife for email. It allows for various interactions with your email, some interactive, others suitable for scripting. See its README for lots of details. Includes the functionality of vsync as subcommand.


A library (vomit-sync) and tool for IMAP-to-maildir synnchronization. Intended to (soon) be an alternative to isync/mbsync, offline-imap, and friends.


A library that provides a unified configuration for all tools. Since most tools' configurations have a significant overlap they simply all use the same configuration file. See it's documentation for details about configuring the vomit tools.


Please send patches to the vomit mailing list.


The mailing list is open for all kinds of feedback, questions, and discussions.