The Very Opinionated Mail Interaction Toolkit

Adam Baxter via vomit

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Adam Baxter via vomit

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#Vomit - the Very Opinionated Mail Interaction Toolkit

The Vomit project strives to provide a suite of tools for efficiently working with email. Currently, this means tools for the command line, but graphical tools are not out of scope. Vomit aims at use cases beyond reading and writing. In fact, Vomit currently doesn't provide anything to read or write mail, though that may change at some point.


  • Email is great, people just need better tools
  • Often, a MUA is not the right tool for working with email
  • There are many good tools - they just don't have access to your email

Based on these opinions, the Vomit project explores the following approach:


Vomit thinks the foundation for working properly with emails is that each email should be a file.

Vomit previously used Maildir for this, but was a bit dissatisfied with it. Vomit is now pivoting to m2dir, but the tools will need some time to catch up.


Vomit likes composability. It aims to supply various small tools (some merged in one executable) to work with your mail. But another goal is to make your mail accessible to other tools - e.g. by printing emails or an attachment to stdout. See the vmt README for some other examples.


Vomit intends to supply all the tools you need to get started. But if you prefer to use other tools, that's cool. Want to use mbsync instead of vsync? Cool. Your MUA already stores mail in Maildir++? Excellent. Vomit hopes to provide options without forcing anything onto you.


Some tools may feel familiar, others not so much. Currently, there are:


Currently "the" Vomit tool, a sort of swiss army knife for email. It allows for various interactions with your email, some interactive, others suitable for scripting. See its README for lots of details. Includes the functionality of vsync as subcommand.


A library (vomit-sync) and tool for IMAP-to-maildir synchronization. This stand-alone version is intended to be an alternative to isync/mbsync, offline-imap, and friends.


Please send patches to the vomit mailing list.


The mailing list is open for all kinds of feedback, questions, and discussions.