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ACHTUNG! This game is a work of fiction. The way things work in this game will not necessarily be the same as how they work in real life, and vice versa. Do not apply lessons learnt from this game to real life without critically thinking about them first. If you are not trained in critical thinking, do not play this game. It is your own responsibility to get this right. As documented in the LICENSE file you should have recieved alongside this game (you can get it from https://git.sr.ht/~blue-maned_hawk/eisyforem/tree if you didn't), the author disclaims any liability for any damages of any kind caused directly or indirectly by this work.

ACHTUNG! No formal guarantees are made that this game will not contain flashing imagery that could provoke epileptic seizures. While every effort will be made to ensure that the game will not itself generate any such imagery, the game cannot detect the creation of such imagery in user-generated content. Additionally, experimental releases and debug builds are significantly more likely to contain flashing imagery.


The long-term goal of this project is to replace Minecraft. This goal is sought because of a consistently percieved failure of the maintainers of Minecraft in their duties to maintain it well, despite being told how they can fix the problems in Minecraft and the maintainence procedures that lead to those problems. Because their track record indicates that they likely will not improve in their maintainence, it was decided to take matters into our own hands, to replace Minecraft in its position and its maintainers in their duties.

If you want to know more about why you should care, look at the file in this directory called pitch.md. You may also want to look at the file in this directory called faq.md.

ACHTUNG! In order for this game to succeed in its goal, help will be needed. At a minimum, you should subscribe to the issue tracker—it's where claims of problems will be reported and, importantly, where solutions will be discussed. If you want a say in the future of this game, you need to pay attention to the issue tracker, because that's where the future of the game will be decided. See the FAQ for details, and see also the final section of this file, too.


A gzipped tarball can be obtained from here. Decompress it with any software that can handle it.

Once you've got the directory, use make to compile it. The targets for the makefile are:

  • release (the default target): Compile a normal build.
  • debug: Slowly compile a debug build that's slower to play, comes with a bunch of confusing debug tools, handles problems poorly, and will not save anything you do in it.
  • clean: Get rid of all the intermediary files that just take up space if you don't compile the game very often.
  • debug-clean: Get rid of all the intermediary files created specifically for debug builds, if you compile release builds frequently but debug builds not-so-frequently.
  • install: If run as root, try to install the game system-wide. Otherwise, try to install the game user-specifically.

The executable is called eisyforem.elf, and assumes it's either being run from where it was built or being run after being installed by the makefile.


The game will eventually come with a manual inside of it, accessible at any time by pressing the F1 key while the window is focused. However, there are some other files inside of this directory that are documentative:

  • pitch.md describes the principles behind the design of the game.
  • faq.md is an FAQ.
  • code.md contains important information for anyone who wants to make code contributions to the game.


If you find any problems of any kind with the game, please go on the issue tracker and post your confirmation of the problem if a ticket already exists for it, or create such a ticket if it doesn't.

If you want to help solve problems, please ask in the issue tracker to solve a problem and wait for a response before putting any work in—i don't want you to end up wasting effort for something that isn't necessary or is already being worked on.