my stylekit


The stylekit I use for my website, currently in heavy development. You are free to use it, but you should not yet (see todo)

This is being developed for me with the intention for it to be used by you. expect heavy configuration.


  • Works with a digital garden
  • Beautiful, but simpilistic look
  • Easy to configure, making use of SCSS variables and $lib/cfg.ts
  • Written in Svelte, TypeScript, and SCSS taking advantage of the features each langudge provides


  • Bugfixes
    • Transitions have ghost content of new stuff before old transition finishes
    • Ignore route casing
  • Modularity
    • identify redundant SCSS
  • Style
    • Make more like dgjt
    • TreeShake FA
  • Functionality
    • Modes
      • List
        • Parse markdown dynamically instead of our placeholder
        • ListItem component
    • Search
    • Tags
      • Tag pages
    • "What links here"?
    • Dark theme