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A screenshot of Betula, featuring several links

Betula is a single-user self-hosted bookmarking software with optional Fediverse support.


  • Publish bookmarks, along with optional title and description formatted with Mycomarkup.
  • Add tags to your bookmarks.
  • Posts can be public or private. Share only what you want to share!
  • Simple user interface that does not require JavaScript.
    • If you have JavaScript, you can use tag autocompletion.
  • The whole collection is saved as a single SQLite file.
  • IndieWeb microformats are produced.
  • Simple installation: the program is one binary, the collection is one file, all configuration is done through the web interface.
  • Bookmarklet.
  • Built-in documentation.
  • Search.
  • Fediverse (optional):
    • You can repost posts from other Betula instances, and other software, sometimes.
    • Other Fediverse software such as Mastodon can follow Betula instances.