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#Chawan - a web browser for your terminal

Project page

Screenshot of Chawan displaying its SourceHut page

#What is this?

A text-mode web browser. It displays websites in your terminal and allows you to navigate on them.

It can also be used as a terminal pager.


Note: a POSIX-compliant operating system is required. (Windows is not supported yet.)

  1. Clone the Chawan repository: git clone https://git.sr.ht/~bptato/chawan && cd chawan
  2. Install the Nim compiler: https://nim-lang.org/install.html
    • Please use 1.6.14 or newer, ideally 2.0.0. Older versions will not work. (You can check your Nim compiler's version using nim -v.)
  3. Install the following dependencies:
    • libcurl: https://curl.se/libcurl/
    • zlib: https://zlib.net/
    • pkg-config, pkgconf, or similar (must be found as "pkg-config" in PATH)
    • If you are using a system where the default make program is not GNU make (e.g. BSD), install gmake and use it in the following steps.
  4. Download parts of Chawan found in other repositories:
    • make submodule
  5. Use one of the following:
    • make release - optimized release build
    • make - debug build (slow, for development)
  6. If you want manpages: make manpage
  7. Finally, install using make install (e.g. sudo make install)

Then, try:

$ cha -V # open in visual mode for a list of default keybindings
$ cha example.org # open your favorite website directly from the shell


Currently implemented features are:

  • multi-processing (several buffers can be loaded at once)
  • multi-charset, double-width aware text display (but no bi-di yet)
  • HTML5 support
  • a CSS-capable layout engine
    • flow layout is supported (now with floats!)
    • table layout is supported, except for fixed tables
    • the box model is mostly implemented, except for borders
  • forms
  • incremental loading of plain text streams (but not HTML documents yet)
  • JavaScript based navigation
  • JavaScript support in documents
    • some basic DOM manipulation APIs are supported
    • off by default; use is discouraged until sandboxing is implemented
  • mailcap
  • cookies
  • FTP support
  • Gopher support
  • local CGI support
  • urimethodmap support

...with a lot more planned.



Many other text-based web browsers exist. Here's some recommendations if you want to try more established ones:

  • w3m - A text-mode browser, extensible using local-cgi. Also has inline image display and very good table support. Inspired many features of Chawan.
  • elinks - Has CSS and JavaScript support, and incremental rendering (it's pretty fast.)
  • lynx - "THE text-based web browser."
  • edbrowse - This one looks more like ed than less or vi. Mainly designed for blind users.
  • browsh - Firefox in your terminal.


#Why does Chawan use strange/incorrect/ugly colors?

Chawan assumes the terminal's default background/foreground colors are black and white. If this is not true for your terminal, make sure to set the display.default-background-color and display.default-foreground-color properties in your Chawan configuration file.

Also, by default, Chawan uses the eight ANSI colors to display colored text. To use true colors, either export COLORTERM=truecolor or set the display.color-mode to "24bit". To use 256 colors, set display.color-mode to "8bit" instead. (You can also turn off colors and/or styling altogether in the configuration; please consult doc/config.md for details.)

#Can I view Markdown files using Chawan?


#Why write another web browser?

I've found other text-based web browsers insufficient for my needs, so I thought it'd be a fun excercise to write one by myself, for myself.

Generally, I'm happy if Chawan works on websites I use frequently. If it also works on other websites, that's a bonus.

#Where are the w3m keybindings?

At bonus/w3m.toml. Note that not every w3m feature is implemented yet, so it's not 100% compatible.

I use vi for editing text, and I prefer my pager to function similarly to my editor. Hence the default vi-like keybindings.

#Why does website X look awful in Chawan?

As mentioned above, the layout engine is still very much a work in progress. At this point, it's more interesting if a website works as intended in Chawan than if it doesn't.

#Where are the tabs?

Chawan does not have browser tabs. Instead, each website is opened in a new buffer, which is added to the buffer tree. This is very similar to how w3m handles buffers, except a) source files are stored in memory, not on the disk, and b) instead of a linked list of buffers, they are stored in a tree. (And of course, c) there are no tabs.)

This model has the advantage of allowing the user to instantly view the previous page in all cases, without any complicated caching mechanism. It also opens up many interesting possibilities concering buffer organization; unfortunately, not much of that is implemented yet (except for basic tree traversal commands.)


Chawan is dedicated to the public domain. See the UNLICENSE file for details.

Chawan also includes and depends on several other libraries. For further details, see license.html or check the about:license page in Chawan.