Watch Over Our Folders - Monitor important emails on a public mailing list

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Woof! monitors updates sent to a mailbox and exposes them on the web. Typically, this mailbox is subscribed to a mailing list with a public online archive so that Woof! reports can link to it.

Woof! tries to be a good companion for free software maintainers who work with mailing lists by allowing them to focus on bugs and patches. It also aims at making life easier for users by pointing at important news such as upcoming changes.

Woof! does not change the way maintainers use a mailing list for the development of their projects: with a minimalistic set of conventions, Woof! will extract what's important for everyone.


See the howto for further instructions on how to use it.


You need Clojure and Java on the machine to deply this application.

Run ~$ apt install clojure or see this guide.

Run ~$ apt install default-jre or refer to your distribution.


You need to set some environment variables to let the application run.

See <src/bzg/config.clj> for the list of environment variables and other configuration variables.

Run this to check your configuration:

~$ clj -M:test

#With deps.edn

Run with:

~$ clj -M:run

Deploy with:

~$ clj -M:uberdeps
~$ java -cp target/woof.jar clojure.main -m bzg.web

#With leiningen

Run with:

~$ lein run

Depuis with:

~$ lein uberjar
~$ java -jar target/woof.jar


Contributions are welcome.

You can send feedback, questions and patches to the Woof mailing list at ~bzg/woof@lists.sr.ht.

To subscribe to this list, see https://lists.sr.ht/~bzg/woof or just send an email to ~bzg/woof+subscribe@lists.sr.ht.

For patches, please configure your local copy of the repository to add a prefix to the subject line of your emails:

~$ git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH woof'

Some suggested contributions:

  • Write a HTML theme
  • Add more tests
  • Report bugs

#Support the Clojure(script) ecosystem

If you like Clojure(script), please consider supporting maintainers by donating to clojuriststogether.org.


© Bastien Guerry 2020-2022

Woof is released under the EPL 2.0 license.