Python API for Emercoin cryptocurrency

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Emercoin python 3 API

#Quick start

Start emercoin wallet and connect to it:

from emercoin import Emer

emer = Emer('rpcuser', 'rpcpassword', 'host', 'port')

# Get current block count in local chain

# name_filter NVS records
emer.name_filter(r'^dns:[\d]+\.(emc)')  # show all dns records containing numbers in zone 'emc'
                                        # for example: 64327.emc

# name_show NVS record
# since name_filter return truncated record content we can fetch it manually

# if we want get all NVS records by type (name_filter(^type:)) and fetch full record body automagicaly (name_show) we use

# if we simply want get all NVS records by regex and fetch full record body

# we can get NVS record history too

# or call rpc connection directly (bitcoinrpc used)
emer.rpc_connection.method_name(argument1, argument2)