simple data format for notating tables

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    ckt is a small, readable data format, specifically for notating tables
    it's designed to be stupid simple and easy to implement
    it easily parses into a hashmap (or dictionary, or whatever you call them)

    this repository contains only the (majorly incomplete) specification (found in SPEC)

        https://git.sr.ht/~cricket/ockt - ocaml library for ckt
        https://git.sr.ht/~cricket/zckt - zig ckt parser
        https://gitlab.com/mocchapi/pyckt - python3 ckt parser
        https://github.com/luavixen/cktjs - JSON-style CKT parsing/stringification

        https://git.sr.ht/~cricket/ckt-kak - ckt syntax highlighting for kakoune
        https://github.com/luavixen/cktvs - Syntax highlighting for VSCode

    ckt is licensed under the CP/PL license
    you can use, modify, or do whatever you please with this source, given that
    the copyright notice and warranty disclaimer are kept intact.

    read the LICENSE file for more information

    send an email with your patch to ~cricket/ckt@lists.sr.ht
    feel free to do this if you've implemented ckt and want it listed above too!

    do `git shortlog -sne` to show a list of all contributors