A hassle-free, highly performant, host-it-yourself Discord music bot with YouTube and Spotify support. Powered by yt-dlp and crack.

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A hassle-free, highly performant, host-it-yourself, cracking smoking Discord music bot

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Thanks to the guys over at alwaysdata for hosting the website, web portal, email, etc for this project for free, in their Open Source program.



  • Create a bot account
  • Copy the token and application id to a .env with the DISCORD_TOKEN and DISCORD_APP_ID environment variables respectively.
  • Define DATABASE_URL, PG_USER, PG_PASSWORD for the Postgres database.
  • Optional define SPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID and SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET for Spotify support.
  • Optional define OPENAI_API_KEY for chatgpt support.
  • Optional define VIRUSTOTAL_API_KEY for osint URL checking.
  • Use .env.example as a starting point.

#Docker FIXME

docker run -d --env-file .env --restart unless-stopped --name cracktunes ghcr.io/cycle-five/cracktunes:latest


Make sure you've installed Rust. You can install Rust and its package manager, cargo by following the instructions on https://rustup.rs/. After installing the requirements below, simply run cargo run.

#Linux/MacOS FIXME

The commands below install a C compiler, GNU autotools and FFmpeg, as well as yt-dlp through Python's package manager, pip.

#Linux FIXME
apt install build-essential autoconf automake libtool ffmpeg
pip install -U yt-dlp
brew install autoconf automake libtool ffmpeg
pip install -U yt-dlp

#Windows FIXME

If you are using the MSVC toolchain, a prebuilt DLL for Opus is already provided for you.
You will only need to download FFmpeg, and install yt-dlp which can be done through Python's package manager, pip.

pip install -U yt-dlp

If you are using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), you should follow the Linux/MacOS guide, and, in addition to the other required packages, install pkg-config, which you may do by running:

apt install -y pkg-config


The following command will run all tests:

cargo +nightly test --all

Some tests are available inside the src/tests folder, others are in their respective files. It's recommended that you run the tests before submitting a Pull Request. Increasing the test coverage is also welcome. Test coverage is tracked using tarpaulin.

cargo +nightly tarpaulin --all

#Docker Compose

Within the project folder, simply run the following:

docker build -t cracktunes .
docker compose up -d

#Roadmap Change Log

#v0.3.7 (2024/05/29)

  • [x] crackgpt 0.2.0! Added back chatgpt support, which I am now self hosting for CrackTunes and is backed by GPT 4o.
  • [x] Use the rusty_ytdl library as a first try, fallback to yt-dlp if it fails.
  • [x] Remove the grafana dashboard.
  • [x] Switch to async logging.
  • [x] Add an async service to handle the database (accept writes on a channel, and write to the database in a separate thread). Eventually this could be a seperate service (REST / GRPC).

#v0.3.6 (2024/05/03)

  • Music channel setting (can lock music playing command and responses to a specific channel)
  • Fixes in logging
  • Fixes in admin commands
  • Lots of refactoring code cleanup.

#v0.3.5 (2024/04/23)

  • Significantly improved loading speed of songs into the queue.
  • Fix Youtube Playlists.
  • Lots of refactoring.
  • Can load spotify playlists very quickly
  • Option to vote for Crack Tunes on top.gg for 12 hours of premium access.


  • playlist loadspotify and playlist play commands
  • Invite and voting links
  • Updated serenity / poise / songbird to latest versions
  • Refactored functions for creating embeds and sending messages to it's own module

#v0.3.3 (2024/04/??)

  • /loadspotify <spotifyurl> <playlistname> loads a spotify playlist into a Crack Tunes playlist.
  • voting tracking

#v0.3.2 (2024/03/27)

  • Playlists!
  • Here are the available playlist commands
    • /playlist create <playlistname> Creates a playlist with the given name
    • /playlist delete <playlistname> Deletes a playlist with the given name
    • /playlist addto <playlistname> Adds the currently playing song to
    • /playlist list List your playlists
    • /playlist get <playlistname> displays the contents of
    • /playlist play <playlistname> queues the given playlist on the bot
  • Added pl alias for playlist
  • Added /playlist list
  • Fixed Requested by Field
  • JSON for grafana dashboards

#v0.3.1 (2024/03/21)

  • Fix the requesting user not always displaying
  • Reversed order of this Change Log so newest stuff is on top



  • Added more breakdown of features which can be optionally turned on/off
  • Telemitry
  • Metrics / logging
  • Removed a lot of unescesarry dependencies

#0.1.4 (crack-osint) (2024/03/12)

  • osint scan command to check urls for malicious content

#0.3.0-rc.5 (2024/03/09)

  • cargo update
  • GuildId checks
  • user authorized message
  • adding scan command
  • add feature for osint
  • make admin commands usable by guild members with admin
  • add dry run to rename_all


  • fix storing auto role and timeout I think
  • download and skip together
  • try to finally fix this fucking volume bug
  • fix loading guild settings
  • add pgadmin to docker compose
  • fix volume (volume is still broken)


  • [x] Clean command
  • [x] Bug fixes
  • [ ] Down vote (not working)


  • [x] Dockerized!
  • [x] Refactored settings commands.
  • [x] Storing and retrieving settings from Postgres.
  • [x] Updated dependencies to be in line with current.


  • [] Port to next branch of serenity
  • [] Flesh out admin commands



Didn't really track stuff here...


  • [] Shuttle
  • [] Reminders
  • [] Notes

#0.2.4 (2023/07/17)

  • [x] Bug fixes.
  • [x] Remove reliance on slash commands everywhere.
  • [x] Remove shuttle for now


  • [x] Bug fixes (volume)
  • [x] Shuttle support (still broken)

#0.2.2 (2023/07/09 ish)

  • [x] Welcome Actions
  • [x] Play on multiple servers at once

#0.2.1 (2023/07/02)

  • [x] Play music from local files


  • [x] Play music from YouTube
  • [x] Play music from Spotify (kind of...)

Originally forked from Parrot