BQN repl in Neovim

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Use Neovim as a BQN repl.


Use your favourite plugin manager (or install manually). My plugin manager of choice is vim-plug.

call plug#begin('~/.config/nvim/plugged')
Plug 'git@git.sr.ht:~detegr/nvim-bqn'
call plug#end()


For now, the plugin expects CBQN as the interpreter to run. The inner workings of the plugin call CBQN with -p flag.

By default, the plugin expects to find CBQN from path with a executable called BQN. This can be changed by pointing a global variable g:nvim_bqn to a different executable.

#Default keybinds

By default, enter evaluates a the file from the beginning to the line that the cursor is on. A selection (range) can be evaluated with enter too, and the range evaluation will only contain the lines that are in the range.

  • <leader>bf will evaluate every line of the file.
  • <leader>bc will remove the inline results from the cursor to the end of the file
  • <leader>bc with a range will remove the inline results within that range
  • <leader>bC will remove the inline results from the whole file
  • <leader>be will run expression explainer for a line. Note that the explainer has only the context of the single line and variables may be uninitialized because of it.

#File extensions are not detected and syntax highlighting is missing!

This plugin only provides the REPL-like functionality within the editor. For file extensions, syntax highlighting and keyboard maps, use the plugin from mlochbaum/BQN.




Reading an evaluation result that spans below the bottom of the window can be tricky. The Vim scrolling movements <C-E> and <C-Y> are helpful in such situation.