Generate sigils based on Agrippa's method in the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy

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#Sigil Generation using FBOP

In the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (or perhaps Pseudo-Agrippa) outlines a method for generating a sigil from a name. This is a WordPress plugin that duplicates the method and does most of the work for you.


These instructions will be here eventually.

#Using the Shortcodes

This plugin provides two shortcodes.


This shortcode prints out the frontend form that allows the calculation of the sigils. It can take a couple of arguments.

  • label sets the label for the form, which defaults to "Enter spirit name:"
  • class changes the class for the div around the form, which default to "fbop-form"
  • output toggles the inclusion of a default output div, and defaults to true

Here is the most basic usage, which should be sufficient for most sites:


And here is some more advanced usage, demonstrating the defaults:

[fbop_form label="Enter spirit name:" class="fbop-form" output=true]


If you turned off the default output div in the fbop_form, you can use this shortcode to customize an output tag of your very own. It takes two arguments:

  • type sets the type of output tag. This defaults to "div", but "span" or "p" could also work. Note that the output will be an ol element, so plan accordingly.
  • class sets the class for the output tag.

Here is an example outlining the default argument values:

[fbop_output type="div" class="fbop-output"]


You only need to use this shortcode if you are using a more advaced custom setup. See "HTML Setup" below. This shortcode triggers the loading of the JavaScript and CSS files associated with the plugin.



#HTML Setup

If you want to get really nerdy and create your own HTML form, you can do so. You will need to use the fbop_scripts shortcode mentioned above to trigger the loading of the JavaScript. Then you can create your own HTML form.

The JavaScript attempts to operate on these elements of the DOM:

  • fbop-input should be a text input element.
  • fbop-button should be a clickable element.
  • fbop-output should be a DIV or SPAN that accepts the output.

Here is a very simple example of what a custom HTML form could look like:

  <input id="fbop-input" type="text">
  <button id="fbop-button" type="button">Calculate</button>
<div id="fbop-output"></div>

#ClojureScript Experiment

This plugin is also an experiment in using ClojureScript to write WordPress plugins. It may be a ridiculous ride with lots of mistakes. Enjoy it!