Alpine metapackages for automated system setup

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#Installing the eddos packages

wget -P /etc/apk/keys/ https://salkield.uk/alpine/edd@salkield.uk-617fe4cd.rsa.pub
echo "https://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/testing" >> /etc/apk/repositories
echo "https://salkield.uk/alpine/eddos" >> /etc/apk/repositories

#eddos packages

eddos-core: eddos metapackage of essential utilities

eddos-docs: eddos metapackage for manual pages

eddos-netutils: eddos metapackage for network configuration

eddos-physical: eddos metapackage for managing physical machines

eddos-sound: eddos metapackage for configuring a sound server

eddos-sysutils: eddos metapackage of system utilities

eddos-userutils: eddos metapackage of user utilities


eddos-dev-* packages configure development environments for common programming languages

eddos-dev: eddos metapackage for software development

eddos-dev-packages: eddos metapackage for developing packages

eddos-dev-containers: eddos metapackage for building and running containers


eddos-dev-python: eddos metapackage for software development in python

eddos-dev-ruby: eddos metapackage for software development in ruby

eddos-dev-java: eddos metapackage for software development in java


eddos-desktop-* packages configure a sway-based graphical environment

eddos-desktop-core: eddos metapackage for a strictly minimal sway-based desktop environment

eddos-desktop-extras: eddos metapackage for extra utilities to create a usable desktop environment

eddos-desktop-inactive-windows-transparent: eddos package to make inactive windows transparent One day to be refactored into a software package and separate metapackage

eddos-desktop-screenshot: eddos metapackage to allow convenient screenshots

eddos-desktop-wlsunset: eddos metapackage to dim the screen depending on the time of day

eddos-desktop-idle-swaylock: eddos metapackage to configure swayidle lock the screen after an idle period

#default programs

eddos-desktop-launcher-bemenu: eddos metapackage to configure bemenu as the default program launcher

eddos-desktop-lock-swaylock-effects: eddos metapackage to configure swaylock-effects as the default screen locker

eddos-desktop-pass-passzf: eddos metapackage to configure passzf as the default password manager

eddos-desktop-task-taskwarrior: eddos metapackage to configure taskwarrior/vit as the default task manager

eddos-desktop-terminal-alacritty: eddos metapackage to configure alacritty as the default terminal

#custom programs

makelatex: build a latex pdf in a single command Will eventually be refactored into its own software

passzf: Interactive pass frontend built with fzf fzf frontend for the pass password manager

#Packages required for most systems