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#Edward's dotfiles



#Some notable tools used



Installation uses stow, which symlinks files and directories. This uses the --dotfiles flag which takes any path starting with dot- and replaces it with . when linking.


I use zsh as my main shell. Files I use to configure the shell are, in order that zsh loads them:

Note that I don't use .zshenv because, in theory it would be a place for environment variables, but this is not recommended on macOS.

Aliases and function are sourced via a separate .aliases and .functions file, respectively.


It's worth calling out that my git configuration uses delta for viewing diffs and sponge as a commit-msg hook for ensuring that commit messages are hard-wrapped.

#rc files

These configuration files (with the exception of zshrc) are found in the configs directory.


  • Move some aliases to bin so they appear in the autocomplete menu
  • check out zshzle man page for more macos-like line editing