source code for negativefour project


negativefour is a project to make it easier to run webpages as tor hidden services. negativefour works like many other static web hosting services you are likely familiar with except it gives you a Tor hidden service and a clearnet webpage.


  • Passwordless email logins to manage webpages
  • Basically exactly the same as every other static webpage hosting service.
  • Deployment from a git repository.
  • Clearnet webpages support union location.

This was once actually hosting my personal website and running on https://negativefour.com. It may do so again someday but I don't see myself having time to run a hidden service hosting website any time in the near future.

You can find reasonably comprehensive deployment documentation about how negativefour works in the /docs subdirectory and at https://man.sr.ht/~ekez/negativefour/ .